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Pick-Up Planning

Pick-Up Planning

Keep Our Community Safe

Transportation Information

  • Private vehicle use and active transportation (walking, biking, etc) is encouraged for students and staff.
  • Follow parking lot markings and staff directions.  
  • Drop off lane - Students to exit at the crosswalk only and exit on the passenger side of car quickly to keep traffic flow moving.


Parking Lot

As we begin into our new routines, please be mindful of parking lot safety. The parking lot is a busy place at drop off and pick up. Please use the crosswalks and park in designated spots. The round-about will be used for staff parking this year and we ask that general traffic not enter into the round-about 8:20-8:50 and 2:30-3:00 unless for handicap parking. As we have limited parking spots, some alternatives include parking at Whitehead park, Prospect Lake Hall and using the drop off lane in the mornings. Drop off lane: Pull up to the crosswalk before student exits, have student on passenger side to exit, and quick exit to keep traffic flowing. We will have our fabulous staff and supervisors to help you out.