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Hello Parents/Guardians,

Prospect Lake Staff and the PAC have partnered up to outfit our classrooms with school supplies for the 2022–2023 school year.

For $52.00 (grades K-5), parents and guardians can skip the lines at the stores and instead Prospect Lake teachers will organize the supplies to meet the individual needs of their classrooms. Teachers will buy only what they need for their class and in bulk when possible. They will purchase the highest quality and specific supplies for their classroom needs. If unlikely supply issues or inflation come up, we will communicate with families whether additional funds are needed during the year. This option was successful last year for families and staff in the areas of:
❖ Cost savings
❖ Time savings
❖ Less waste
❖ Uniformity in supplies
❖ Quality materials

Note: Students may still need to supply their own pencil box, a box of Kleenex and either earphones/ear buds and scrap book/agenda *teachers will clarify classroom in September.

The Prospect Lake Elementary teaching staff strongly encourages you to choose this option. If you prefer to purchase your own supplies, a general Grade Supply lists will be available via the Prospect Lake webpage June 30. There will be an additional specific Classroom Supply list in September and you may be asked by your child’s 2022-2023 teacher to purchase additional supplies throughout the year.

To take advantage of this offer, please order by June 26 at our PAC on-line ordering platform and choose your child’s teacher for this year.
For families new to Prospect Lake or for families that have not registered this year, the instructions are as follows:

How to register for PAC online system

1. Go to: -

2. Click the “register” button at the top right-hand corner to sign up

3. Our school code is: Prospect

4. Enter your name, email address and phone number then choose and enter a user ID that you will use for the access to the system. Enter a password and then enter it again to verify it’s correct.

5. Once registered, you will be logged into the website.

6. Please add your Prospect Lake students by: - • Clicking ‘Students’ button at the bottom of the welcome page. You can also add a student through the top drop down ‘Profile’->’Add Students’ • Type in your child’s name

• Choose your child’s class from the drop-down menu: For new students:
New Grade 1-5 students select: NEW (Sept 2022) – DIV 15
New Kindergarten students select: NEW (Sept 2022) Kindergarten Student – Div. 14

7. Once the student/s have been added you will be able to place orders by clicking the ‘Order’ button below each child’s name. If you have any problems registering in the system, please contact Sarah Angus at: