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transportation update

Shuttle, Parking & Bus Information

It was lovely to see all our students back at school last week after a well-deserved break.

We thought we should take this opportunity to touch base on a couple of topics.

Shuttle, Drop-off and Pick-up, Parking

Even though the construction has mainly been completed around the school we request that parents continue to use the Community Hall shuttle service for drop-off and pick-up.  Our student’s safety is always our highest priority and the continued use of the shuttle service will enable us to make sure there is appropriate staffing levels.  We will update you as to when the hall service will cease and drop-off/pick-up will commence at the school. 

We ask that parents not park at the school in the morning or afternoon. We have increased our school staffing this year, with some of our staff starting after the school bell.  On numerous occasions these staff members, as well as our district itinerants, have had to park up at Mosi Bakery because they were not able to find parking at the school.  This issue should alleviate itself once our lower parking lot is open.  Stay tuned!

School Buses - afternoon

Both our afternoon buses are at capacity.  With that, we cannot accommodate students changing their bus routes.  This includes students going to friend’s homes for playdates.  We have more than half our school population using the buses so it is crucial that students remain on the buses that they have been registered for.

Please contact us if you have any questions. 

Thank you for your continued patience and support.

Sara Salemink                                                                    Sat Lail